Thursday, July 03, 2003

went to the beach again.... sat at the break-water there for some time... feel good and soothing by listening to the waves.. realli relaxing... nowadays i'm feeling that my life is kinda empty.. realli like my life has no substance at all.... nope i'm not suffering from PMS or equivalent... juz dun like this feeling of emptiness. i'm keep on asking myself "what is installed in my life? what can i achieve in my life? what do i need to achieve in my life? what is my purpose on mother earth?" why m i so directionless in almost everything? there is simply no indication for mi... my work/study, my rship, my friends....

hall 10 having their FOC in sentosa.. took a pic of them... also saw 2 doggies... very cute!!! kawaii!!! if they are my dog i'll be dead happy!! hahahaha!!

from left: sea, wave, hall 10 FOC, doggies, doggie =D

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