Sunday, July 06, 2003

today i finally make myself proud! hahahaa~~~ my sensee was impressed by mi! we are revising some words and my sensee was asking wat are the various forms that can be changed. my classmates all dunno .. only me bravely tell her all the various forms! wahhhh u can see her eyes suddeny become bright bright.. *blink blink* hahaha and this not only happens once, but 2 or 3 times! wahahaa! even one of my classmates praise me by saying "hey! you improve alot leh! all the words u know sia juz now!" hahaha~~~ actually i only go and memorise those words that were thought long ago... those things that were taught in the last 2 lessons i dun even remember a single thing! hahaha~~ today actually also blurr lah.. coz i dunno wat my sensee is asking and i give her stupid answer.... -_____-"""" exam is next next week.... *stress*

i sent an email of complain to SMRT. yah i cannot stand all the repeated reminders on "give way to passengers before boarding, please keep platform clean for the comfort of all passengers, please move to the ends of the train as there are more space, if got senior pple please use the lift, ......" these stupid and annoying annoucements are getting on my nerves as i hear it almost every minute! it juz keep on ranting and ranting no stop! dun the management feel that its very annoying? its so disgraceful to us singaporeans infront of the tourists! those tourists if dunno may feel that how come singaporeans need all the reminders? are they realli ungraceful, inconsiderate, dirty, ugly? if not how come the reminders juz keep chating non-stop? or the SMRT is simply trying to tell the tourists and singaporeans that "hey you(we) singaporeans are ugly! we are inconsiderate! we need to ALWAYS remind ourselves all the things to do so that we wun be ugly!" kaozzzz..... i realli hope that one of the management staff will get to read my email and reply to me personally....

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