Monday, June 16, 2003

boring father's day... went to grandpa's house for potluck. this time again w/o fail they do last minute gathering again. i juz dun understand why my aunties and all cannot decide it earlier and inform mi earlier so that i can have more time to channel my activites to another day? bo bian lor... i got my jap to attend so i cannot go there early. the onli thing i can cancel is shopping wif wang and the time i reach alreadi 6+ liao. they have alreadi finished eating so left abit here and there. dunno m i thinking too much or wat, i feel that my aunties are not very happy tat i arrive so late. anyway they dunno tat i got jap b4 i come. even if they know they sure complain tat why i dun go for another day... yah yah.... u last minute tell mi how do u think i can change to another lesson?

glad to see that grandpa and grandma are still doing fine and look good too. hmmm... i realli think i shld visit them more often...

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