Sunday, April 06, 2003

took a peep of someone sitting infront of mi todae in bus 190... it's straits times and this article that report that nurse are being discriminated by we singaporeans. the writer uses words such as "ugly singaporeans" to describe his counterparts. he says that nurses are like aliens in singaporeans eyes. people will shy away from them when they are in uniform and when they are taking public transport. also, there have been cases where the nurse is waiting for a bus yet the passengers demand the driver to give the nurse a miss coz they are scared that the nurse will spread virus to them. even now, there is a request to the nurses by the nurse association that they change their uniform b4 they go home to avoid any displeasure shown by the public. i realli feel that its a disgrace to our "so called first world country"! these people who disciminate the nurses are totally ugly, dirty, smelly... much worst than the rubbish that i have to see in my workplace everyday. (btw i'm having my attachment at a refuse incineration plant) instead of feeling proud of them, these inconsiderate and brainless people are avoiding them. yes i know that SARS is highly infectious. of coz i'm scared of this illness. yes i'm avoiding TTSH and changi airport. by doing so i'm trying to cut down my risk of infection, but i'm still very proud of the medical workers who are risking their lives to help save the others. if every nurse has this mentality that "ohhh... SARS is dangerous... i'll get infected easily... hmmm... i think i'll ask for a transfer to other hospitals, or i'm simply take a short break...." i think all the SARS patients will die. sometimes i'm wondering why singapore will contain such pea-brain citizens that simply cannot think in a bigger picture? we are still far... very very far from a gracious and understanding society....

below is the pic of the "ai4 xin1 bing3 gan1" made by my gerger... =D
i love cookies! *love~~*

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