Friday, April 25, 2003

i'm doing my routine check on the cats at my workplace and i heard a faint but sharp *meow*. i taut is the small kitten crying in pain as it has been sick for a few days liao. as i look further, i saw the mother cat coming towards mi, with its sight in the bushes. to my surprise, its the baby kitten tat went missing 2 weeks ago! it has grown up so much tat now it can even go around on its own feet liao! sooooooooo cute! it even come chasing after mi! hahaha but it seems to have abit of problem changing its direction as its turning radius is quite big.. hahaha! nevertheless, its realli cute! too bad i did not bring my digicam along todae, if not i'll take a pic of it!

as i observe the baby kitten and its mother, i notice that the kitten tend to go towards the drain (filled with dirty water). its mother seems to knoe what its child is going to do next and will prevent it from going to the drain. however, the kitten will not obey its mother and keep on venturing towards the "danger zone". this scene is repeating for a few times. finally the baby kitten drop into the dirty drain and it juz stay stone there. it must be feeling scared. the mother cat now then "save" it's child and drag it away from the drain. i'm beginning to reflect the cats behaviour to us human beings. we, as children, always feel that we are correct and will ignore whoever (parents, seniors, etc) is trying to tell us that our actions are in the wrong direction. its onli when we finally know that we are in trouble then we regret our actions. we begin to feel frightened and hope that we did not do things wrong in the first place. however, our parents/guardiance will always be there to give us a helping hand to get us out of trouble.

sometimes we juz need to learn the hard way....

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