Tuesday, March 18, 2003

finally make myself useful today at work. for the past weeks, i and another IA student have been following the technicians around the plant, trying to understand wat they have been doing. todae finally started on a small project to do about PLC. (programmable logic controllers) i and my colleague have to replace some relays with the PLC. we have to draw the ladder diagrams as well as program into the pc. later we will need to incorporate the PLC into the system, and that include testing and trouble-shooting. hope that this will be our project for this IA and hope that it will go smoothly and i'll be secured a "B".. hahaha maybe an "A" for my hardwork?? =)

war is starting in 48 hours time. so sad that war has to start eventually. to me it seems that the US is going after the oil in Iraq. why dun it attack N Korea instead, since N Korea alreadi declare that they have nuclear weapons, whereas Iraq is still under invstigation? the reason is simple: juz because of the fact that N Korea is poor and have no oil. if they realli have to go to war, hope that the civilians are spared coz they are innocent. also hope that the war will end fast, so that the economy will recover soon, and i wun have to worry about my graduation next year....

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